Psalm 1: How Blessed

Psalm 1 How Blessed

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The song for Psalm 1 is titled How Blessed. Here, you can listen to a sample arrangement of the song. This version is pretty simple, and uses two vocal parts and piano.

You can get the sheet music for this arrangement below, or create your own arrangement with a full band or other set of instruments. Keep scrolling to find chord charts for the song and other materials to get you started.

 About the first psalm

The first two Psalms set the stage for the other 148. Psalm 1 lays down one of the key principles that the whole collection rests on: the Lord has given people a law to follow. Those who follow this law will be blessed. Those who disobey will be punished.

The first psalm introduces a few figures that we will meet throughout the 150 songs:

  • The righteous. Psalms often discuss the lives of people who live under God’s laws.
  • The wicked. In Psalms, the wicked disregard God’s laws and work evil in the world—usually at the expense of the righteous and the downtrodden.

Psalm 1 is about justice. When we sing the first psalm, we acknowledge that there is a way the world should work—even though we don’t necessarily see it working this way. Singing this song is a way to express our faith that in the end, God’s justice will be done.

Psalm 1 lyrics

How blessed is the man who does not give in
To counsels of wicked nor pathways of sin,
Who takes no part in scoffers’ plan.
How blessed is the man; how blessed is the man.

But in the law of the Lord is his delight
And in the law he meditates day and night

And like a tree by mountain stream
Whose fruit abounds from beam to beam
The Lord excels the work of his hand
How blessed is the man; how blessed is the man.

Oh, the wicked way will perish in the night
But the Lord knows the way of those who do what is right.

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