Psalm 2: In Zion Alone

Psalm 2 In Zion Alone feature

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This arrangement of Psalm 2: In Zion Alone is in five-part a cappella. Sheet music is available for you to recreate this arrangement with your church choir, but if you’d like to take your own approach to the melody (maybe in a style that’s more congregation-friendly for singing along) there’s chord charts as well to get you started.

You can give it a listen here:

 About the second Psalm

Psalm 2 picks up where Psalm 1 leaves off when it comes to setting the tone for the rest of the book of Psalms. But while the first psalm presents the righteous and the wicked, the second introduces a new key figure.

Messiah: a divinely anointed king who brings about peace and justice in the world.

The second psalm turns our attention to Messiah, the king in Zion (Jerusalem) whom the nations of the world oppose. Psalm 2 builds upon the theme of justice in Psalm 1, because the singer recognizes that this justice comes from God—in his rightful place as king of his creation.

Psalm 2 lyrics

Why to the nations rage?
Why do the nations roar?
Against the Lord and his Messiah, saying
“We shall obey, we shall obey,
We shall obey no more.”

The Lord hears their vain attempts.
His laughter through heaven rings.
He roars his reply from his chambers on high:
“In Zion alone, in Zion alone,
In Zion alone is my King.”

The Lord turns to his chosen one
And says, “You are my Son.”
The Lord turns to his chosen one,
And says, “You are my Son.”

Before him, who can stand?
Within him, who can fall?
So consider, O kings, where your loyalties lie:
He’s coming to rule, coming to rule,
Coming to rule us all.

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