Psalm 4: Though We Tremble

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Hop straight to the Psalm 4 download package if you’re looking for materials for using this song for your church or service.

This arrangement of Psalm 4: Though We Tremble, uses electronic instruments and percussion. It’s a fairly simple melody that should be easy to get a congregation and worship team to learn (chord charts are below, along with sheet music for a more exact arrangement).

About the fourth Psalm

This psalm is linked to Psalm 3. Both are psalms of David, and while the third psalm is a morning prayer to God, the fourth seems to be an evening prayer for safety and justice. Note that in the third psalm, David rises after a night of sleep, sustained by God. In Psalm 4, David speaks of trembling in bed (v4) and finally goes to sleep in peace (v8).

Lyrics to Psalm 4

O righteous Lord, answer us when we call to you.
Be gracious now and hear our cry.
O world, how long will you turn our glory to shame,
And trade the truth for empty lie?

But know that the Lord sets the faithful apart
And He hears when they call!
Though we tremble in the night, we will do what is right,
And we will trust Him through it all.

Many, Lord, are asking, “Who will bring any good to us?”
O Lord, may we show them the light.
O Lord, fill our hearts with joy when the harvest abounds.
And keep us safe, keep us safe through the night!

Download the Psalm 4 song package

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